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Job market improving just in time for college grads

The job market is steadily improving for Mississippi college graduates, with employment recruiters coming in larger numbers to campuses this past academic year, according to college personnel.

“It`s a little bit more optimistic than in the past two to three years,” said Luther Epting, director of the Mississippi State University (MSU) Career Center.

The various engineering disciplines are the most active job market at MSU, followed by accounting and management and information systems majors.

Particularly strong hiring trends are the rule for finance and education majors at Millsaps College in Jackson, according to career center director Tonya Craft.

“We have more this semester than we’ve had in the past,” she said.

The healthcare job market continues at a rapid clip, with nurses, medical technicians and social workers among the most in-demand hires from the College of Health at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), according to interim dean Dr. Joan Exline.

Epting is careful to note that while more recruiters are hiring than in the past few years, the companies that hire MSU graduates are hiring fewer of them at a time. Companies that once would hire 10 to 12 students at a time are now hiring “onesies or twosies.”

“Quite a bit of what we’ve seen is an exploration -what kinds of people are out there and what their qualifications are,” he said.

Students with degree programs directly related to particular career fields did better finding jobs than students in more general fields of study, while those with internship or co-op experience on their r

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