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Getting into the campaign season

MBJ Editorial

Pundits, partisans and armchair politicos have been picking apart John Kerry’s choice of a vice presidential running mate.
In choosing North Carolina’s John Edwards, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee gains a relentless campaigner and an interesting foil to Dick Cheney. For political junkies, this campaign season is shaping up to be a heckuva ride.

Of course, putting the political games aside, there are also the significant consequences of an election that is perhaps the most critical of any we have had in recent history.

War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Homeland security. Education. The economy. Healthcare. The future of the Supreme Court. All of these issues and many more hang in the balance.
Quite simply, this election matters. Really matters.

So, tune in and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Pay attention to the issues. Get your news from a variety of sources — not just the ones with which you tend to agree.

And come November, vote.

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