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Playing the game

MBJ Editorial

Economic development is a tough game to play, but Mississippi has had an impressive string of wins in the past few years.
The professionals, politicians and community and corporate leaders in cities and towns around the state have worked hard — and together — to land new industries, high-tech firms, mid-sized manufacturers and foster homegrown entrepreneurship and existing businesses.

However, challenges remain.

As Pete Walley, director of long-range economic planning for the state, points out in one of this week’s focus stories: “Whether we like it or not, Mississippi now lives in a new economy, and we need to think and act accordingly.”
Mississippi must move toward the “knowledge economy.” As this process accelerates it’s critical to understand the challenges.

“Recognizing that the driving forces of the new economy include rapid change, knowledge-based enterprises, and globalization will help us begin to adjust to changing economic conditions,” Walley said. “Mississippi’s workforce is praised for its hard work, loyalty to employers and independence from organized workplaces. Yet, these attributes are not sufficient to compete in the new, global economy.”

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