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Running out of time: see the Dresden exhibit

MBJ Editorial

The clock is ticking — fast.
Mississippians have a few short days left before The Glory of Baroque Dresden exhibition closes its doors, and the priceless pieces of art, furniture, firearms and more are packed up and returned to Germany.

It would be a shame for you to miss this world-class exhibit.
Hard work from the Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange, the dedication of hundreds of volunteers and strong support from the corporate community have set the stage for this breathtaking art exhibit in downtown Jackson.
So, go see it.

Our state has hosted four of these international exhibitions since 1996, and the economic impact has been significant. The intangibles have been priceless: positive media attention; visits from Spain’s King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder; a tremendous boost to the state’s fast-growing tourism industry.

In a recent article, Peter Gottwald, who heads the German Embassy, pointed out that Mississippi successfully competed with museums around the world to gain the largest-ever exhibition of German art.

“I saw the exhibition in June and left deeply impressed,” he said. “It was wonderful!”

It’s good for business, too.

“I urge businesses to take advantage of the uniqueness of the exhibition,” says BellSouth-Mississippi president John McCullouch. “If you’re a business owner, contact your local school administrator or superintendent and offer to fund a trip to the Glory of Baroque Dresden. The exhibition offers students a means to enhance their social studies, geography, and cultural learning knowledge.”

The Glory of Baroque Dresden runs through September 6 at the Mississippi Arts Pavilion. More information is online at www.gloryofdresden.com.

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