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Getting the nod: BIPEC releases results

BIPEC is one organization that ranks candidates based on its criteria of business-friendly voting patterns.

“Most of the positive justices are in the 60 to 80 range, they’re conservative, and limit the law to the way the Mississippi Legislature intended it,” said Dick Wilcox, president of Business and Industry Political Education Committee. “Those that try to expand the law are in the lower range. For example, when he was a member of the court, Justice Chuck McRae’s score was 8.”

Of the nine state Supreme Court justices, three have low BIPEC scores: Chuck Easley (27), Oliver Diaz (28), who is under indictment, and James Graves (34). The three highest-scoring members: Kay Cobb (82), George Carlson (75), and Jim Smith (72). Justices Jess Dickinson and Mike Randolph are “too new to grade,” said Wilcox.

“We’re not after a perfect score,” said Wilcox. “There’s not one. We’re looking at the way the person tends to make decisions: those that tend to restrain from expanding liability and those that like to expand it.”

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