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People management on agenda October 19th

In just a few weeks, The CPI Group is presenting a one-day people management workshop at the Lake Terrace Convention Center in Hattiesburg. The Mississippi Business Journal is co-sponsoring this October 19th event.

My interest in human resource management extends beyond just keeping the MBJ team happy and well fed. The subject is critical to all organizations, both commercial and non-profit, and this workshop will provide exposure to some current issues.

In the New Economy, capital is people. With each passing day, technology and service work grows increasingly important to all organizations. Tools are ever more complicated and operator training takes longer and longer.

As this trend grows, the cost of losing a trained employee gets higher and higher. It’s much better to effectively resolve personnel issues rather than face the distasteful and time-consuming task of replacing a departing employee and retraining a replacement.

Subjects covered at the upcoming workshop include understanding how employees think, communicate and act; good hiring and employee retention strategies; and low-cost solutions to employee training. Training, motivating and communicating, that just about says it all.

Today, we face a peculiar workforce situation.
On the one hand, moderate unemployment statistics indicate that there are some people looking for work. On the other hand, many among the unemployed don’t have the job skills required to function in today’s workplace. Thus, trained employees with good work habits are in demand and the competition to get them is fierce.

At first blush one, would assume that the best workers go to the highest-paying jobs. And, money certainly is an important consideration. However, it is far from the only consideration. Studies indicate that employees value job challenge, recognition and respect from superiors along with compensation when making job decisions.

Obviously, however, you can’t motivate a starving employee with promises of job challenge and recognition. But, on the other hand, a satisfied employee usually can’t be lured away with offers of more pay to a job where the working conditions aren’t perceived to be as good.

It really comes down to leadership.
Treat people fairly, tell them what you expect, recognize them when a job is well done and you’ll go far. Treat people like furniture and, even if you pay well, they’ll search for a better deal.

The workshop speakers are Billy Sims, Danny W. Avery and Sandra Spengler. All have impressive credentials, are veteran presenters and most hold positions of leadership in the Mississippi Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management.

In addition to the workshop leaders, participants will be treated to appearances by Tommye Favre, director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, Richard Giannini, director of athletics for Southern Miss, and Dr. Alvin Williams, chairman of the Department of Management, Marketing and Fashion Merchandising departments at Southern Miss.

Register to attend at www.cpi-group.com. The program begins at 8 a.m. on October 19th and continues until 3 p.m.

Thought for the Moment —
I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.
— sculptor Henry Moore (1898-1986)

Joe D. Jones, CPA, is publisher of the Mississippi Business Journal. Contact him at cpajones@msbusiness.com.

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