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After the election, civility returns?

We have used this space before to lament the loss of civility and compromise in the nation’s civic life, our political institutions and the popular culture.

Americans have always been a competitive people. We love to play hard. We love to win, too, but we have a history of shaking hands and saying, “Good game.” When all was said and done, we were willing to admit our differences and get along together — finding some common ground.

Regrettably, our spirited competitiveness has degenerated into a winner-takes-all, take-no-prisoners, red state/blue state mess. Extremists on both sides of the partisan spectrum have hijacked the give and take so vital to our democratic process.

The world is far too dangerous to remain mired in mean-spirited partisanship and politics of the personal attack — a divided nation, a divided people. We hope that after the bitterness of this campaign season, a sense of moderation, sensible dialogue and reasonable compromise return.

That which unites us is still greater than that which divides us, isn’t it?

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