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Molded Acoustical Products expands plant in Clarksdale

Clarksdale — Molded Acoustical Products is a vital part of this Delta city’s economic picture. After five years here, the privately-held company that’s headquartered in Easton, Pa., is expanding the local facility and adding more employees.

“They have been good corporate citizens and we are really pleased with their operation here,” said Ron Hudson, executive director of the Clarksdale Chamber of Commerce. “With this growth, they become a more important part of our economy.”

The plant manager, Scott Carraway, said the company received a Community Development Block Grant for the renovation that will triple the size of its current facility.

“It’s due to our work with the city and the chamber,” he said. “We have worked diligently with them to get this new facility on Highway 322.”

The company acquired the large building, built in 1954, from another plant that went out of operation. The entire plant is getting a refurbishing that includes a new roof and heating/cooling system. The current plant on U.S. 49 has 50,000 square feet. The new facility has 158,000 square feet.

“We have no general contractor for this work, so I’m overseeing the construction,” he said. “I did not want to move piece by piece to the new facility. I want it all working under one roof so I’m not running back and forth between the two locations. We plan to be in the new plant by the end of the month. Right now I’m a man without a country.”

There are currently 35 employees but that total will be 55 by the end of the year, Carraway said. For the most part, unskilled workers are hired and trained by the company. Molded Acoustical Products (MAP) is a full-service design capable, engineering and manufacturing company providing products with thermal and acoustical properties. It produces specialty-molded and fabricated fiberglass products for many markets. The company’s Web site says it encourages and invites clients to challenge MAP with product requirements.

The Clarksdale plant molds acoustical fiberglass insulation primarily for the architectural and office furniture divisions. Carraway said they do some work for the automotive industry and intend to get more into that line in the upgraded facility.

“MAP’s main manufacturing facility is in Easton, Pa. They came to Clarksdale because the company wanted a facility to open up the Southern corridor,” he said. “We have a sister facility in Elkhart, Ind., so we are the third spoke of the wheel. I’m a local person and happy to be working with them.”

The company is a tier-one supplier to the automotive and heavy truck industries, exhaust and muffler manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, architectural/wall systems manufacturers, marine industry and industrial noise control.

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