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What's on your mind?

In the coming weeks, the Mississippi Business Journal will be asking a lot of questions.

Well, we won’t, but the folks at Southern Research Group will be doing that for us. Why, you might ask, are we asking these questions?

Quite simply, we want to know what’s on your mind. We want to know what’s important to our readers, subscribers and advertisers, as well as what you all think of us.

First up will be a polling of MBJ subscribers to find out what kind of impact our ad content is making. Questions for this survey will be based on quarter-page and larger ads from our March 28th issue. Researchers will be asking subscribers specifically about ad recall from this issue.

The information from this project will give companies a valuable tool to use as they make critical decisions about where to spend their advertising dollars.

Later this spring, Southern Research Group will be assessing the MBJ’s special publication, Construction Mississippi. Industry insiders, general readers and advertisers will be polled to help us better understand how CM fits into our family of publications. We also have plans to follow up with focus groups.

These two projects are in addition to the reader survey we conduct every two years as part of our membership in the Alliance of Area Business Publications, as well as the process we go through with Verified Audit Circulation to offer a strict accounting of the MBJ’s distribution.

The staff of the Mississippi Business Journal strives for accuracy and integrity in all of our endeavors. A key component in achieving these goals is listening to you — our readers, subscribers, advertisers, supporters and the critics, too.

So, you might soon be called upon to tell us what you think. Thank you in advance for your help.

Feel free to let us know what’s on your mind anytime. Contact advertising director Karen Gilder at kgilder@msbusiness.com or editor Jim Laird at jlaird@msbusiness.com and share your thoughts, questions, comments or concerns.

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