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Education consulting business sees fast-paced growth

Jackson — Fast-paced growth in a company is many times considered a race to maintain quality services and products. However, JBHM Education Group is taking the rapid development of its organization and turning it in to a successful finish line for school children in Mississippi and other states.

“Our growth is due to the unusual competency of our people,” said Dr. Mike Walters, president of the Jackson-based private education consulting business. “The employees have bought into our mission, and that’s what makes a company.”

The mission, developed by Walters and co-founder/CEO Gary Bailey, is to enhance a school’s ability to prepare children for success.

“We knew there was a huge need for a company that could support schools,” said Bailey, who also oversees the JBHM architectural firm.

Around the state, South

Since opening its doors in 2000 with Walters as the sole employee, JBHM quickly began working with school districts in the Magnolia State to improve curriculums and instructional strategies. By the 2002-03 year, the group was working to enhance 11 schools and that list has grown to more than 60, including educational institutions in Alabama and Louisiana.

As the record of clients has grown, so has the number of employees. Company co-founder and CEO Gary Bailey said, “By October it’s projected that we’ll have 50 full-time employees and approximately 80 independent consultants.”
Development and implementation of curriculums has been the catalyst for JBHM’s significant expansion, with the business producing documents in Algebra I, Biology I, English II, United States History and seventh and eighth grade mathematics. Currently in the works are manuals for middle school science and reading, and fifth and sixth grade math.
Walters said, “These are highly-structured, full-blown plans that start with day one and go through the end of the school year.”

Bailey added, “Our curriculum development for struggling schools is growing beyond our imagination. Many school districts have needs, and our company has been able to assist them.”

‘All children can learn’

“JBHM has truly helped us prove that all children can learn,” said Dr. Tressie Harper, superintendent of the Moss Point School District, which has a high percentage of students on free and reduced meal plans.

Moss Point is in its third year of working with JBHM on school improvements such as employee job performance, student outcomes on testing, strategic planning and more.

“The company not only provides the tools for improvement, but also the support by coming into the classrooms and conducting staff development sessions,” Harper said.

Sylvia Autry, superintendent of the Meridian Public School District, said she has worked with a number of consultants over the years, and JBHM has been the most focused.

“Their practices and procedures are making a difference and have greatly benefited our district,” Autry said.
JBHM’s expansion of services has created a domino effect that’s led to not only an increase in number of employees, but in physical space as well. In March, the organization moved from 690 square feet to 7,000 square feet in the LeFleur’s Bluff Office Park II, just off Lakeland Drive.

With the new accommodations including an “Oh, Zone” or idea exchange area, Walters said he’s excited about the opportunities this upgraded housing presents.

“This facility enables us to better serve not only our clients, but our employees as well,” he said.

A curriculum library, 18 offices, two conference rooms, a training classroom and an administrative area make up the majority of JBHM’s new location.

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