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Boosting Baxter

This issue of the Mississippi Business Journal was on the way to thousands of subscribers as legislators were set to gather in Jackson last Friday for one more special session called by Gov. Haley Barbour.

As you read this week’s MBJ, we hope that the special session was a one-day success story. After all, Mississippi has made a commitment to Baxter Healthcare in Cleveland, and tying up the loose ends of the deal should be a routine matter for the Legislature.

In announcing the fourth special session of 2005, the governor stated, “We need to save these valuable jobs and not allow them to be shipped out of state or out of the country.”

State-funded economic development incentives must be used judiciously and carefully scrutinized to maximize the public’s return on investment. In the case of Baxter Healthcare, helping to support improvements by upgrading technology at one of the Delta’s “critical industries” that employs hundreds of Mississippians meets this standard.

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