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Cutting costs

As fuel costs continue to surge, many individuals and businesses are searching for ways to stem the tide.

The Atlanta-based nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Services, which has an office in Jackson’s Fondren District, has provided a few tips to help cut the costs Americans are spending on gas:

• Determine how much your are spending on gas each month.

• Trim expenses where necessary. Cut out enough extras from your budget (you do have a budget, right?) to cover the additional fuel costs.

• Combine trips and carpool. Make several errands in one trip.

• Use routes with the least amount of traffic. The less you have to stop and start the car, the less gas you’ll use.

This practical advice should come in handy for many of us as crude oil prices inch ever higher and the cost of a gallon of gas moves close to three bucks a gallon.

CCCS is online at http://www.cccsinc.org/.

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