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Clear thinking on storm recovery and rebuilding

As Hurricane Rita churned into the Gulf of Mexico last week, Mississippians kept their weary eyes on the latest storm of this deadly and destructive season.

Another hit from a hurricane on the Coast is almost unimaginable right now, but it simply is a fact that whether it is this year or next (or the year after that), at some point another powerful storm will ravage Mississippi and the rest of the coastal South. And weather forecasters suggest that we have entered a period when Atlantic hurricanes will be of greater intensity and frequency. Lives and property in the region remain at great risk.

That said, there is no doubt that we will recover and rebuild. We are encouraged by the resiliency of the business community on the Coast and in South Mississippi, and confident that the future is bright. However, in the rush to return to normalcy, whatever that may be now, it is imperative to consider carefully what these new communities will be, from where the funding will come, and what it is that we hope to accomplish with our recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Each of us has a responsibility to be guided by clear thinking and sound judgment no matter how emotional and overwhelming life may seem.

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