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Giving thanks this year

“What are you thankful for?”

That query is common this time of year, but for this Thanksgiving especially, it is a question of great poignancy and importance to Mississippians.

Many of us are without beloved friends and family. Thousands of us have lost homes and businesses, schools and churches. For others, a special way of life has been forever changed.

In the past year, Mississippians have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in countless communities along the Coast and in the Piney Woods. War and Mother Nature have conspired against us and taken much. But, in spite of the tragedy surrounding us, we remain a people of hope. What a perfect time Thanksgiving is to focus on hope.

So, when that question is asked — What are you thankful for? — give it careful consideration this week. Think about what really matters to you the most — and then give thanks.

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