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Legislative accountability

As never before, the people of Mississippi need legislative leadership. The 2006 session of the Legislature gets underway this week, and it is absolutely critical that these elected representatives put aside their petty differences and focus on the issues that are vital to the recovery, rebuilding and renewal of our state.

Of course, such action would seem to be a fairly simple proposition, but the more cynical among us know that far too many legislators are quick to place political gain before people. At every level of government, the game is played this way.

We must not allow that to happen during this session. It is imperative that the divisiveness of the past few years be buried by a commitment to compromise and making decisions for the greater good.

The problems that have long divided our state have been washed away by Hurricane Katrina. What’s really important — the stuff that truly matters — isn’t about black and white, young or old, Coast or Delta or Hills. Not anymore. It’s all Mississippi now, and the future hangs in the balance.

So, in the coming months, pay attention, stay informed and demand the best from our legislators.

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