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Swiping plastic at Waffle House

An era is ending for an icon of American business: Waffle House, the venerable purveyor of the 24-hour breakfast, announced February 15 that its cash-only policy for company-owned restaurants is ending. That’s right, the next time you have a craving for scattered, smothered and covered hashbrowns, you can swipe the plastic and finance all of that greasy goodness.

After 50 years, credit cards at Waffle House? Why the change in corporate policy?

“We wanted to make sure credit cards were here to stay before we started accepting them,” joked vice president Walt Ehmer in a statement. “Seriously, we listen to our customers to find ways to enhance their Waffle House experience, and accepting credit cards was the biggest suggestion we heard.”

While we applaud this dedication to the customer (along with those tasty hashbrowns), does using a credit card to cover a meal at Waffle House make any kind of sound money management sense? As finance charges accrue, will those waffles still taste as sweet?

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