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Excitement building for new MBJ supplement

We are excited about a new editorial project here at the Mississippi Business Journal. Starting with the June 26th issue, we will be publishing an eight-page, pull-out section devoted to political, business and cultural commentary.

Issues & Ideas will be a monthly supplement to the weekly opinion pieces and editorial cartoons that we publish on the pages here. We think that this content is important to our readers. In fact, in recent surveys of our subscribers, columns rank near the top of most-read items. So, Issues & Ideas should add a tremendous amount of depth and diversity to the MBJ.

Best of the U.S.

There are a number of different sources we will use to fill the pages of our new supplement with the country’s best writers. You might recognize a few of the providers we’ll turn to: Universal Press Syndicate, King Features Syndicate, Creators Syndicate and Tribune Media Services.

These organizations offer a wide range of material to their clients in the media, and perhaps the toughest task we face in putting Issues & Ideas together is choosing the columns and cartoons to include. There are endless possibilities — and that’s where we need your help.

Have a favorite nationally-syndicated columnist? What part of the political spectrum do you want covered? What about Mississippi’s opinion-makers — who would you like to hear from? Give it some thought, and send your ideas to me.

Brand-building opportunities, too

Since creative talent and newsprint don’t come cheap these days, we’re also offering unique sponsorship opportunities for Issues & Ideas. It could be the perfect tool for building your company’s brand.

If you’d like to have more information about sponsoring Issues & Ideas, contact MBJ advertising director Karen Gilder at kgilder@msbusiness.com or (601) 364-1011.

And don’t forget to send me your thoughts about the pundits you’d like to peruse every month.

Contact MBJ editor Jim Laird at jlaird@msbusiness.com.

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