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Haines adds to her Sara Booth Delaney mysteries

The southern detective

The books I most enjoy reading are the books that cause me to laugh out loud. Not that I do not enjoy serious, more thought-provoking, lessons-to-be-learned books, because I do. But lately, having read a few of those heavier books, I have reached a point that I want to read a book that is simply entertaining with a bit of humor thrown in for enjoyment. Carolyn Haines, an author born and raised in Mississippi, provides such enjoyable books. Haines’ most recent book, “Wishbones,” is the latest addition to her Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries. This eighth novel in the “bones” series begins in the fictional town of Zinnia, Miss where private investigator, Sarah Booth Delaney, lives at her family’s beloved plantation home, Dahlia House.

One of Sarah Booth’s longtime dreams is to be a movie star. This dream takes the story from Mississippi to California. She flies to Hollywood for a screen test for a part in the remake of “Body Heat” and is cast as Matty, the female lead. It does not hurt that the male lead is her present “on-again” beau, Graf Milieu.

After the initial filming in Los Angeles, the movie crew and cast relocates to Costa Rica for on location filming at director Federico Marquez’s haunted mansion. While in Costa Rica, the principal actors will be guests in this home where Federico’s wife died under mysterious circumstances. Sarah Booth’s dearest Mississippi friends, Cece, Tinkie and Millie, decide to join her for a visit in this eerie yet exotic location.

As is true in all of the Haines “bones” books, “Wishbones” is filled with loyal friendships, Southern foods, “daddy’s girl” logic, canine companions, ghosts, murder and romance with humor interspersed throughout. “Wishbones” is the perfect choice when you are looking for a murder mystery that keeps you guessing while providing humor, psychological tension and interesting characters.

Carolyn Haines is the author of 13 novels. Recently she was awarded the Richard Wright Literary Excellence Award by the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration committee at its 20th-annual conference. Having grown up in Lucedale, Haines now lives in South Alabama on a farm with more dogs, cats and horses than she can possibly keep track of.

— Mary Emrick

Turning Pages Books, Natchez


by Carolyn Haines

(St. Martin’s Minotaur)

Hard Cover: $23.95

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