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Arbitration panel rules in dispute

JACKSON — According to minority contractor Fish & Fisher, an arbitration association panel has awarded the firm approximately $1.28 million in a dispute with L & T Construction.

The dispute arose over work performed by Fish & Fisher at the Blue Springs construction site of Toyota. During the arbitration hearing, Fish & Fisher said sworn testimony by Leavy Harris of L&T revealed that L&T never entered into a joint venture with M&H Construction, as had been announced by the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) and Toyota.

Fish & Fisher filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in February 2009 alleging that Gov. Haley Barbour, MDA and Toyota conspired to deny Fish & Fisher the opportunity to bid as a prime contractor with Toyota. The complaint alleges that Barbour, MDA and Toyota discriminated against Fish & Fisher because of their race in that only white-owned construction companies were allowed to bid on the $1.5-billion project.

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