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Cellular South: Ready for storms

RIDGELAND — With the 2009 hurricane season right around the corner, Cellular South has taken steps to bolster its network and mobilize its employees to protect against a major storm-caused disaster.

“Our preparations are designed to give customers maximum reliability from their wireless phones at the time of greatest need,” said Trey Howard, director of network operations for Cellular South. “When disaster strikes, people depend on their wireless phones as a lifeline to the outside world, not just for a day, but for weeks and sometimes even months at a time.”

Howard said the wireless carrier’s 1,000-member workforce along with the company’s network resources would be on “high alert” throughout the 2009 hurricane season. Cellular South also stands ready to activate its Emergency Response Plan, which guides the deployment of company resources and personnel during a crisis.

Since 2006, Cellular South has invested over $350 million to bolster the Mississippi portion of its network on new technologies, facilities and network-strengthening efforts.

The company is coordinating its emergency response preparations with local, state and federal agencies, including the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Governor’s Office.

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