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Restaurants join boycott

COLUMBUS — Eat With Us Group is participating in the ProtectSeals boycott of Canadian seafood. company has pledged to boycott seafoord from the Canadian sealing provinces in all 26 locations of its restaurants, which include Sweet Peppers Deli, Bulldog Deli, Cotton District Grill, Fairpark Grill, Jackson Square Grill, Harvey’s and Park Heights.

“It was an easy decision to change our purchasing habits in order to protect baby seals,” said Eat With Us executive chef Gregg Frazer. “Hopefully, our participation will strengthen the pressures on the Canadian fishing industry to stop the slaughter of seal pups in favor of a more humane, professional endeavor.”

“The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is pleased to have Eat With Us join our efforts to end the Canadian commercial seal slaughter,” said Patricia Ragan, director of the HSUS’ ProtectSeals Campaign. “By boycotting Canadian seafood they are effectively making their voices heard that the commercial slaughter of baby seals must end and it must end now.”

According to HSUS, more than 5,000 restaurants and grocery store locations are participating in the ProtectSeals boycott.

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