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TVA testing new programs

NORTH MISSISSIPPI —The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), in partnership with local power companies from throughout the Tennessee Valley, in May kicked off market tests of new programs designed to promote energy efficiency to residential and commercial customers.

TVA and local distributors is testing the new programs for residential consumers in 22 markets across Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. Called the In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, it will offer a comprehensive in-home energy assessment as well as financing options and incentives to help homeowners who choose to make investments in significant energy efficiency improvements.

A new commercial initiative called the Efficiency Advice and Incentives Program also began in May with Nashville Electric Service and power distributors in TVA’s service territory in Mississippi. This program will offer businesses an opportunity to receive an energy assessment of their facilities to help them identify energy-saving opportunities. Financial incentives also are available for qualifying projects that help reduce power consumption during TVA’s peak period of power demand.

The programs are part of a yearlong effort that involves input from power distributors, customers and the public regarding the best options for encouraging electricity users in the Valley to save energy.

Future plans include the addition of an energy-efficiency program aimed at helping TVA’s industrial customers save energy. In addition, TVA will continue working to further develop expanded program implementation schedules for the residential and commercial energy-efficiency initiatives.

The new program market tests began in May in selected areas. Additional local power companies will begin offering the programs in the fall, and TVA anticipates a Valley-wide expansion by spring 2010.


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