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Buildings should have been repaired


I live in Hancock County, and there are a couple of buildings that have gotten to be eyesores along Lower Bay Road. The first one is the old Lakeshore School. I can understand that people raised in this area want to keep it, and I was all for it when they said they were going to turn it into a museum. But they have let it sit for too long now, and it is falling apart. It would cost too much money to repair the building, much less make it a museum.

Next is the Ansley Church. The storm moved it completely across the road from where it sat in the beginning. A benefit was held to raise the money to move it back where it belonged. The church has not been moved, and one whole side of it has fallen in, still there is a sign on it saying, “Do not destroy.” The church is sitting right on the road, so when it does finally collapse, it will block the roadway. Okay, now, what was the money they raised in the benefit used for, and why wasn’t the church repaired when they had the money?

Sandy Moran, Lakeshore

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