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Keeping Our Eye On: Ronny Chane

Ronny Chane

Ronny Chane

Age: 39
Hometown: Jackson
Education: Bachelors in marketing, minor in advertising
Current Position: Designer CEO of Swell Mix Inc.

Though a college graduate, Ronny Chane, referred to as “Chane,” believes that his career experience was mostly gained from trying to make his living in New  York City.  He claims that surviving the “Big Apple” and being actively involved in skateboard and BMX communities have granted him his invaluable education.

Chane describes his career as “21 years and still going of taking chances with new ventures.”  In continuing he states, “[it’s] a vicious cycle of relentless trying to make my ‘impossible,’ possible.”  He claims that the most rewarding aspect of his career is seeing his concepts evolve into a product of elements that ‘benefit many.’

Through his company, Chane has put forth a campaign towards offering free t-shirts to help cloth the homeless in local areas.  Outside of work, he still rides BMX, and states that fishing is a good outlet to keep himself sane.

When asked to describe where he’d like to be in the next 10-15 years, Chane describes wanting to look back at what he’s accomplished and appreciate it’s value.  That value  has allowed him to move forward and move his company to various other cities and countries.

Mississippi’s best kept secret: Its creative community
Must-have Mississippi food: Sushi, our spots for sushi are as strong as anywhere
Favorite hangout: Fondren neighborhood

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