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MississippiSiteSelction.com launches

JACKSON — The economic development team at Entergy Mississippi Inc. has launched a new web site that connects business leaders around the world to Mississippi communities. The URL is MississippiSiteSelection.com.

The Mississippi Site Selection Center web site, under the direction of Entergy’s Teamwork Mississippi, serves as a one-stop shop for site selectors interested in what the state’s communities have to offer, at no added cost to communities. The web site, unveiled at the Mississippi Economic Development Council’s annual conference, makes researching communities and properties simple, convenient, informative and productive.

“Putting the latest technology to work for our communities is a big win for Mississippians,” said John Turner, director of economic development for Entergy Mississippi. “Site selection research is a critical step in the selection process, and often dictates which sites are considered in the next phase. The technology can also be expensive to develop and maintain. By making these research efforts easier and cost-effective, the Mississippi Site Selection Center will help attract new industries and jobs to the state.”

Funded entirely by Entergy, MississippiSiteSelection.com is a building and sites database and geographic information system mapping application. It provides economic developers, site selection consultants and the international business community a way to geographically analyze potential sites. The site provides a set of Web-based tools for communities and economic development groups to promote commercial and industrial properties to prospects worldwide.

It was built with input from local economic developers, real estate professionals and national site selection firms. Entergy Mississippi will fund new enhancements so the site always offers the most advanced features and capabilities for site selection.

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