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Burlington Northern Santa Fe to expand

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) will complete a $200 million intermodal expansion later this year, and it is expected to have a positive economic impact on the Memphis-area industrial market.  The expanded operations, which include additional railroad tracks and electric cranes for stacking containers, could begin as early as October 1.

The expansion could impact the industrial market by helping to bring large transportation users to the area.  Companies who ship in large volume tend to move close to intermodal yards to cut down on shipping expenses.

The expansion will more than double BNSF’s shipping capacity from 250,000 containers per year to almost 600,000.  The railroad facility is a total of 185 acres, so if need dictates, BNSF can double again in the future.

The intermodal yard is located in Southeast Memphis, very close to the DeSoto County market, which has been enjoying positive absorption of industrial space for the last several years.

For more information on BNSF, visit www.bnsf.com. 

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