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Fraenkel Furniture expands operations

Fraenkel Furniture, a fixture in Olive Branch for more than 20 years, has expanded its manufacturing operations.  In 2008, the company added its Advantage upholstery manufacturing line to the facility, which already produced a full line of Englander and U.S.A. mattresses.  The expansion was the second for the 375,000-square-foot facility since opening in 1992.  In addition to manufacturing upholstered furniture and mattresses, Fraenkel imports bedroom, dining room, entertainment, and occasional furniture from all over the world.  In the past, Fraenkel Furniture has been DeSoto County’s Industry of the Year.

Founded in 1959 in Baton Rouge, LA., by Albert Fraenkel, Fraenkel Furniture has enjoyed great success over the years.  Before his retirement, Mr. Fraenkel began transferring ownership to his employees, and today the company is 100 percent employee-owned.  Mr. Fraenkel wanted to make sure his employees were taken care of, and all employees are eligible to participate in the employee ownership program after one year of service to the company.  Employees have a real interest in making sure the products sold by Fraenkel are high in quality, continuing to ensure success into the future.  “When the company does well, the employees do well,” said Brett Ray, Vice President of Operations.

While Fraenkel’s administrative offices are still located in Baton Rouge, Olive Branch is headquarters for the company’s operations.  The Olive Branch facility also has room to expand as the business climate dictates.

Fraenkel has its own fleet of trucks to deliver its products to retail outlets across an 18 state area.  Locally, Fraenkel furniture may be found at such stores as The Great American Home Store, Classic Oak, Richwell, Samuel’s, and many others.

For more information, visit the company website, www.fraenkel.com. 

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