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GranthamPoole forms new team

JACKSON — The CPA firm GranthamPoole has created a specialized team of financial advisors to serve the accounting needs of not-for-profit organizations, including governmental entities, 501(c)3 charities and school districts.

The Non-Profit Team consists of eight tax professionals with a combined 90 years of professional experience working with a wide range of non-profit entities. Led by Dickens Fournet, CPA, a principal with the firm since January 2002, the team provides services ranging from accounting and auditing (e.g., payroll and bookkeeping services, fraud investigations, computer and software consultations, internal control reviews, etc.) to tax preparation and consultation services, including consultations for recognition of exemption.

Other members of the team are: Melanie S. Woodrick, CPA; Stacey Walley, Jessica L. Cooley, CPA; Jennifer L. O’Quinn, CPA; Karen Kay; Donna M. Morris, CPA; and, Karen M. Wagner, CPA.

“With the tax and financial requirements affecting the non-profit sector, ever-changing, not-for-profit entities have a unique set of needs that now, more then ever, require the guidance of specialized experts to effectively see them through,” said Fournet. “From the initial stages of setting up a non-profit organization to computer and software consultation, financial statement preparation and tax consultation and preparation, we stand ready to help these clients meet their organizational objectives.”

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