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Kaase: Students better prepared for college

JACKSON — Dr. Kris Kaase, deputy superinten- dent of instruction and curriculum, has released a statement on Mississippi students’ college preparedness.

Kaase said: “We are pleased to see a slight increase in the percent of students that are reaching the ACT college readiness benchmarks. Over 90% of Mississippi’s high school seniors participate in taking the ACT. That is about 10 percent more students than a decade ago.

“The data show that generally students that take four or more credits of math, English, science and social studies perform better on the ACT and are better prepared for college and other post-high school training. These students on average score two to three points higher on the ACT than other students. That can be the difference between receiving a scholarship or not. The best way for students to improve their performance on the ACT is to take more courses in these areas and to take the most rigorous courses possible.

“It is also important that principals and teachers look at their performance of their students and that they revise their courses to make them more rigorous and competitive with their peers in other states.”

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