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Traffic Management Center opens


August 14, 2009



HATTIESBURG — As a stakeholder in the development of an integrated intelligent transportation system (ITS) for South Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has opened the Traffic Management Center (TMC) in the District Six Headquarters Building in Hattiesburg.  

ITS combines computer and communications technology with real-time traffic management and information coordination. MDOT said it believes ITS will help improve the efficiency and safety of the state’s transportation network.


Live video from the camera system is viewed inside the TMC to provide current travel information to the public. MDOT monitoring staff will use the system to observe traffic flow that is displayed on a video wall and send pertinent information to the public via www.mstraffic.com.


MDOT currently has 18 traffic monitoring cameras installed in this area. MDOT has plans to install additional cameras as part of future projects. The camera system will be used to monitor traffic flow at signalized intersections, interchanges and other critical locations along state highways.


In addition to daily traffic monitoring, the TMC will serve as part of MDOT’s Emergency Operations Center, which is activated during severe weather or other emergency situations.


“The newly activated intelligent transportation system component will not only improve traffic operations on a day-to-day basis, but will play a critical role in managing emergency situations such as evacuations associated with hurricanes,” said MDOT District Six engineer Steve Twedt. “The system will communicate important information to local and state agencies as well as the general public through traffic advisories.”


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