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UM hires SmartSynch

JACKSON — SmartSynch Inc. has partnered with the University of Mississippi (UM) to reduce the power consumption of campus buildings while publishing real-time results for the general public on Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.

SmartSynch is working with UM to design an online dashboard for SmartSynch SmartMeters, which will enable the university to monitor, analyze and report on energy utilization among its campus buildings in real-time to social networking web sites. The program is part of UM’s “Red, Blue and Green” campaign.

Through the deployment of SmartSynch SmartMeters, UM hopes to identify a detailed pattern of electricity usage at its buildings and, using the smart meter data, determine methods to alter behavior to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

SmartSynch recently installed 16 of its SmartMeters on UM’s campus with additional deployments being planned. UM is currently monitoring energy consumption levels for several of its main buildings, including the Lyceum, the John Davis “J.D.” Williams Library, the Gillom Sports Complex and parts of the indoor sports practice facility and stadium. SmartSynch’s SmartMeters will enable UM to monitor energy consumption, track building power performance over time, compare building energy usage and review the impact of the weather on energy utilization while reducing its carbon footprint. By using an online dashboard tool, UM will track each building’s energy consumption in real-time and archive data for future analysis and comparisons. Additionally, UM will use Facebook, Twitter and a RSS feed to provide regular public updates on its buildings’ energy usage based on SmartSynch smart meter data. Each building will have its own profile on the social networking Web sites.

“Ole Miss is offering a new twist on green operations by allowing students, faculty and anyone else to witness actual power consumption levels for select campus buildings,” said Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s CEO.

Once registered online at www.olemiss.edu/green, students, faculty, building administrators and others will be able to access UM’s smart meter data and receive updates on UM’s energy usage using visuals similar to the screenshot in the multimedia gallery.

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