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‘W’ not insulting to male grads


As a male graduate of Mississippi University for Women, I am insulted and incensed by the actions W President Claudia Limbert has taken against the interests of her employer and my alma mater.

Her insistence in recent months that men are embarrassed to call themselves W graduates gives me and my fellow W guys no credit for enlightenment, intelligence or common sense. W guys go to the W for the same reasons W girls go there: smaller classes that are taught by professors, quality programs, a beautiful campus and the chance to be active in organizations, publications and student government.

Had Limbert and her staff effectively marketed what the school had when she arrived, she might not have concerns about enrollment now.

Instead, Limbert has been a destructive force, seemingly trying to eliminate her position by eliminating the school. The school has less to market now, with the demise of the athletic program; the end of The Spectator as a printed publication; the cutting of a thriving dance program that was only restarted under Limbert’s tenure; not to mention the divisive act of cutting ties with the original alumnae association (of which I am a member of the board of directors) and trying to create a new one.

What the W needs is a president with the experience and vision to lead the W forward, not backward; building on what the school has, instead of disregarding and removing what is valuable.

Haley Barbour rode into office on the slogan “Keep the flag, change the governor.” We have a situation in which that principle applies: Keep the name, change the president.


Thomas M. Spencer, Calhoun City

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