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Food Network gets gift

JACKSON — The Mississippi Food Network reports it is now better equipped to fund its project, “Healthy Foods for Low Income Families,” thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation (formerly the Wachovia Foundation).

Studies show that people in low-income neighborhoods often have fewer options for healthy foods and tend to place less importance on the nutrition of their current diets, potentially harming their future health. The “Healthy Foods for Low Income Families” program was created in response to this, and its goal is to provide nutritious and balanced meals for these individuals.

Wachovia team members also conducted a food drive for the organization, providing an additional 308 pounds of food, which provides more than 240 meals for those in need. This grant from the foundation will help reduce hunger in Mississippi and is a tremendous benefit to our organization,” said Walker Satterwhite, executive director of Mississippi Food Network.

The donation is part of a Wachovia initiative conducted to reduce hunger across the Southeast. In total, Wachovia provided $97,300 and approximately 8,000 total pounds of food to food banks in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

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