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Airlines' service improves

The nation’s largest airlines had a higher on-time performance rate in Aug. 2009 than both July 2009 and Aug. 2008, according to the Air Travel Consumer Report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

According to information filed with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the 19 carriers reporting on-time performance recorded an overall on-time arrival rate of 79.7 percent in August, better than both the 78.4 percent on-time rate of Aug. 2008 and July 2009’s 77.6 percent.

 In August, the carriers canceled one percent of their scheduled domestic flights, lower than both the 1.6 percent cancellation rate of August 2008 and the 1.2 percent rate posted in July 2009.

In August, the carriers filing on-time performance data reported that .012 percent of their scheduled flights had tarmac delays of three hours or more, down from .028 percent in July. There were six flights with tarmac delays of four hours or more in August.

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