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Call center coming to the Delta

GREENVILLE — On Oct. 7, Ed Johnson, CEO of the Delta Economic Development Center, announced the opening of a new business in Washington County, Call Center Outsourcing LLC, initially employing 50 people.

Johnson sad, “Call Centers are on our targeted industries list. The Delta Economic Development Center is assisting Call Center Outsourcing LLC, with employee training and recruitment via its partnerships with Capps Technology Center, WIN Job Center and Manpower Staffing. We are excited to have a Greenville, Miss., native come home to start Call Center Outsourcing, LLC, and we look forward to her continued success.”

Regina Luke, CEO of Call Center Outsourcing, was born and raised in Washington County and Chico County, Ark. Luke wanted to take this opportunity to Washington County and bring the creation of jobs that will have an impact on the local economy.

Luke currently owns a call center in North Georgia and will be moving the company to Greenville.

Debbie Saulter, COO of Call Outsourcing, has served as regional CFO in the casino industry for the last 15 years in Greenville.

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  1. call center services helps in boosting sales.You should always honor your promise with view to client needs. It is very difficult to be super service provider but always be in control with little anticipation of customer needs.

  2. Outsourcing is such a rapid growing industry today and we are sure that it can do a better thing for our country.

  3. This is great news for Greenville. I’m happy that it will create jobs for people there. All the best.

  4. That is great news. Most communities should have this since they are different concerns that people have every day. And they don’t have every opportunity to have these issues addressed because there are only a few who could accommodate them.

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