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SPEPA to implement SmartSynch technology

JACKSON and TAYLORSVILLE — SmartSynch Inc. of Jackson will help Taylorsville-based Southern Pine Electric Power Association (SPEPA) develop a smart grid infrastructure to support energy management and efficiency activities for its commercial and industrial customers in Central and South Mississippi. Terms were not disclosed.

SPEPA will deploy 700 SmartSynch A3 SmartMeters throughout its 11-county footprint, making them the first electric cooperative in Mississippi to capitalize on SmartSynch’s partnership with AT&T to make smart grid technology utilizing existing public wireless networks an economically viable option for energy providers.

“We believe SmartSynch’s technology provides more consistent data in a timelier manner, and is superior, where the multiple-channel, high data requirements of our highest revenue customers are concerned,” said Jason Siegfried, special projects coordinator for SPEPA. “From a value standpoint, leveraging AT&T’s wireless network enables us to strategically deploy solutions with ease, where they are most needed, and avoid spending capital building a proprietary communications network to retrieve the data they collect.”

Earlier this year, AT&T and SmartSynch unveiled a plan to provide utilities with a cost-effective option for leveraging smart grid technology to enable a point-to-point, IP-based configuration to residential and commercial/industrial customers.

“This is significant because it demonstrates how our solutions are uniquely qualified to provide power companies and their customers, regardless of size or geographic location, the detailed usage data needed to more effectively manage energy consumption,” said Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s CEO.

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