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Howard chosen for Intel sales

ELLISVILLE — Howard Technology Solutions, an Intel authorized integrator and mobile channel leader (MCL), is one of a select group of manufacturers chosen to be a reseller for the new Intel Reader and Intel Portable Capture Station.

Howard vice president Kyle McCoy said, “This is a wonderful product, and there has been a real need for it for a long time. It has great potential and we’re proud to work with Intel in marketing it.”

The Intel Reader was developed for users that have reading-based learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or difficulty working with printed material like people with blindness, low vision, Macular degeneration or other visual challenges. It enables users to take a picture of printed material, which is converted to text and read aloud. During playback, the user can view the highlighted text scrolling across the screen at a desired size and speed or view the original document photo. When used with the Intel Portable Capture Station, users can capture large amounts of text for school, work, or pleasure.

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