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Millions in mortgage fraud alleged

Mississippi Valley Title alleges attorneys Charles and Chris Evans committed
mortgage fraud on banks and induced Mississippi Valley Title to issue
fraudulent title insurance policies. The claim was part of a motion filed in
Madison County Chancery Court in October asking for a preliminary
Charles Evans was an approved attorney for MVT, from whom the company
accepted title work. His brother, Chris Evans, is the owner of more than 20 limited liability companies in Mississippi . Together they financed commercial properties and issued titles in Madison and Desoto counties.

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  1. Fraud has been regarded as among the sophisticated crimes committed in the country. The reason behind this is because educated people are the ones committing the greater percentage of this crime. This is indeed a very unfortunate happening since they misuse their knowledge in tricking people for their own benefit. One thing that we could do in order to protect our private information is to shred our records so that we will get victimized by identity theft. Aside from that, we need to be careful with the amount of information that we disclose to others.

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