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Don't check mailbox for tax forms

Those seeking their 2009 state income tax forms needn’t look in their mailbox come January. That’s because the state of Mississippi is discontinuing the issuance of income tax forms via the postal service.

The Mississippi State Tax Commission announced Monday that forms and instructions will be available online beginning Jan. 11 or at its district offices across the state. Spokeswoman Kathy Waterbury said the move will save the state approximately $90,000 annually.

“Last year, we had about 819,000 Mississippi taxpayers file electronically,” she said. “That’s 68 percent. It’s no longer economically feasible for us to mail the forms out.”

Waterbury said the information on the form would remain the same, adding that state taxpayers will be able to fill-out their income tax form online by typing their information on the document itself.

The agency has been tracking income tax returns for a number of years, said Waterbury. She said tax returns have bar codes that allow the agency to determine if taxpayers are using a mailed out form or one printed from a computer.

Commission chairman Ed Morgan said during the 2008 tax season, approximately 230,000 either printed a form from a computer or prepared their return online and mailed the commission a printed copy.

He added that refunds, which can be directly deposited into personal bank accounts, would arrive much faster when taxpayers file their returns electronically.

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