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Herron to lead nuclear fleet

JACKSON — John Herron of Entergy Nuclear has been named to lead the second largest nuclear power fleet in North America.

In his new role as chief nuclear officer of Entergy, he is responsible for the operation and management of nine sites and 11 reactors at Entergy’s nuclear plants in Arkansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New York and Vermont. In addition, Herron oversees Entergy’s management services for the Cooper Nuclear Station, owned by Nebraska Public Power District.

“A fleet is only as good as the operation of every unit,” said Herron. “My focus is always on performance and how we have the safest, most efficient operation, providing clean-air nuclear powered electricity to the communities we serve.”

Herron began his career in the Navy as an instructor at the Nuclear Submarine Prototype School. He also held top management roles with the Tennessee Valley Authority in top management roles at its Sequoyah and Browns Ferry nuclear plants. He excelled in subsequent roles at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation and the Cooper Nuclear Station before joining Entergy in Feb. 2001 as vice president, operations at Waterford 3 Nuclear Station in Taft, Louisiana.

Entergy advanced Herron into roles in New York as the senior vice president of Indian Point Energy Center then as senior vice president for nuclear operations handling fleet management.

Herron fills his new position created by the retirement of former CEO Mike Kansler.

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