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Keeping Our Eye On: Cary New

Cary New

Cary New

Age: 34
Hometown: Itta Bena
Education: B.A. in English, Delta State University
Current Position: Media relations manager, Viking Range Corporation

Prior to graduating from Delta State University, Cary New says that she sat down to figure out what would be her dream job “when she grew up.”

“The best day of my career happened about a year later, which is not something many people can say right out of college.  I am thankful every day for the opportunities Viking Range has given me over the years,” says New.

New started working as a PR assistant for Viking in 1998 and today spends her days coordinating interviews for various publications, writing press releases for new products and even managing a film crew for the facilities. She says she is thankful to have a very supportive family that includes husband, Noah, parents Mike and Mary Hawkins and her sister, Keely.

“Growing up in a small town with a large family taught me many lessons and values that I cherish to this day,” New says. “My dad is the baby of 10 children, which made for enormous family gatherings. My grandparents had 31 grandchildren but always made sure each of us knew how important and special we were to them, thus teaching me the true meaning of family.”

New is media chairman for the Viking Classic, sits on the board of directors for the Delta State University Alumni Association and is a member of the Public Relations Society of Mississippi (PRSA).

Mississippi’s best-kept secret: Delta State University
Must-have Mississippi food: Giardina’s Mississippi Delta Catfish Cakes
Favorite hangout: Stadium Picnic Area at DSU football games or my backyard with family and friends

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