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LHCR changes name to reflect growth

JACKSON — The parent company of HealthSystems of Mississippi (HSM), Louisiana Health Care Review (LHCR), has changed its name to eQHealth Solutions. The new name supports the company’s growth into other markets.

“Although we are headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., the majority of our business is in other states,” said Gary Curtis, CEO of eQHealth Solutions. “We found that our Louisiana name, as well as the state-specific names of our affiliate companies, did not always align with our business objectives. For that reason, we sought a name that was not tied to a specific state or region, and that better reflected our products, services and multi-state presence.”

In addition to HealthSystems of Mississippi, the company is known as Louisiana Health Care Review and HealthSystems of Illinois in those respective states. Since so many clients and business associates are familiar with these companies, eQHealth Solutions will continue to do business under these names in their respective markets.

In the past month, eQHealth Solutions has been awarded a contract from the Mississippi Division of Medicaid to conduct an assessment of the state’s Family Planning program. The federal government requires such an assessment to determine if the program reduces state and federal maternity care expenditures by increasing access to primary care services for women.

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