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This is a crucial time for the American people. Congress will soon decide if America should continue down the recent path of larger government, increased taxes and the elimination of personal responsibility. We have a one-sided debate on healthcare that does not even begin to focus on the real problems and completely discounts the many positive attributes that make our current system the envy of the world. Like with so  many different issues, there are those in our country and in Congress that appear to get great pride in trashing all that is American, only to point us in a direction of failed systems in other governments.  This is not just a healthcare debate, it is much bigger, and it is the future of our country.

 Our once prosperous country has been crippled with historic debt.  Our out of control spending and borrowing has indebted us to others that not only do not share our principals, but represent everything we despise.  They are becoming our landlord, and if we continue down this road, their policies and practices, may someday be ours. There was a time in this country when America could not be bought. Because of our laziness, and lack of discipline, our country and its character are being sold to the highest bidder. We have become a country that celebrates those that are takers, and we punish those that give, create, improve and help this country prosper.

 On healthcare, we all believe that our system needs some improvements.  The great debate is not the need, but the solution.  Is it higher taxes and government control or is free enterprise and improved competition?  Should we penalize those that create jobs and stimulate the economy, by taxing them out of business and killing any chance for job recovery or should work with the private sector and create incentives for them to expand and hire?  Should government be competing with the private sector or creating conditions for American business to find solutions to our healthcare and other needs? 

 Americans have always rallied around a cause, and our free enterprise system has always found solutions to the most difficult problems. We should excite the American people and American business by creating the opportunity for them to find our solutions to healthcare as has been done in every great discovery. It is not the American government that does great things, it is the American people. Governments role is to create the environment for open competition and the roadmap for efficient delivery, not in the running of healthcare.

Give the problem to the market place and give them incentives to find the solutions.

Voting or even entertaining a bill that zaps the energy from our soul and compromises our principals is not only a very dangerous vote; it is one with very lasting consequence.  Lets do right the right thing and stop this misguided missile, then lets get back on discussion, and the find the solutions the American way.


 Jim Miller, Madison

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