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Bentz approves reduction, Presley named chairman

JACKSON — Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz has approved and ordered an 11.3 percent decrease for Mississippi Power Company customers. Customers will see the decrease in the first billing cycle of this month.

Bentz said Mississippi Power customers will see an average of $10.60 per 1,000 kilowatt hour reduction in their residential electric bills due to a decrease in fuel costs.

In a separate item, Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley (D-Nettleton) has been elected chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) by fellow Commissioners Lynn Posey and Bentz.

Presley, a former two-term Nettleton mayor, said serving as chairman is an honor.

“I thank my colleagues for their support. I look forward to 2010 being a very productive year for the PSC and one in which we make giant strides for the consumers of Mississippi,” Presley said.

Presley will serve as chairman for the full year in 2010.

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