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Jackson YMCAs Offer Shower Facilities

With the exception of the Farish Street location, Jackson metro YMCAs have opened their doors for community members in need of showers.

Showers and toilets are functioning at the YMCAs, and bottled water is available at most locations, said John Morris, marketing director for the Metropolitan YMCAs of Mississippi.

“We have opened our doors to anyone who needs to pop in and get themselves clean,” Morris said. Offices have received an “influx of calls” from residents inquiring about facilities, he said.

The YMCA has also assisted children and youth of Mississippi Children’s Home Services and New Horizons Ministries.

The Farish Street location is closed because it is primarily a pre-school and day care facility.

Open YMCA Locations:

  • Downtown – 800 East River Place – Jackson – 601.948.3090
  • Flowood – 690 Liberty Road – Flowood – 601.664.1955
  • Northeast Jackson – Deville Plaza – 5062 I-55 North – Jackson – 601.709.3760
  • Reservoir – 6023 Northshore Park – Brandon – 601.992.9118
  • Ridgeland on Country Line – 888 Avery Boulevard – Ridgeland – 601.952.0003
  • Clinton – 400 Lindale Street – Clinton – 601.924.5812

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