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Law firm changes name

JACKSON — The law firm Wilkins, Stephens & Tipton, P.A., has officially changed the name of the firm to Wilkins Tipton, P.A. According to Wilkins Tipton’s board of directors president William A. Patterson, the 32-year-old firm elected to change its corporate identity for greater clarity.

“Changing the name to Wilkins Tipton concisely identifies the founder of the firm, Joe Wilkins, along with the most-tenured partner, Senith Tipton,” Patterson said. “Both Joe and Senith are so well known throughout the region and so strongly associated with this firm, the board felt our corporate identity should unambiguously acknowledge that reality.”

Wilkins said the firm can trace its beginning back to 1978 when an office was first opened in the Lamar Life Building in downtown Jackson. Tipton joined the firm three years later. Wilkins Tipton established its Greenville office in 2004 and its Nashville, Tenn., office in 2007.

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