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Nationwide asking to raise premiums

JACKSON — The insurance firm Nationwide has proposed a 11.7 percent increase in homeowner insurance premiums statewide, according to The Associated Press.

Company spokeswoman Nancy Smeltzer tells The Sun Herald that rates are based on five years of loss, premium and expense data.

Nationwide, based in Columbus, Ohio, has received three increases since 2006.

The company’s most recent request was initially filed in 2009.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney told the company to make changes that would benefit policyholders by placing them in better-rated fire districts if they live outside those districts but service to their homes is available.

Chaney said his office will review the rate filing.

The rate request will take effect April 15 unless Chaney denies it or has questions.

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  1. Go ahead and raise the rates. I always had to beg for a claim to be honered, one time I ended up with a law suit to get them to pay. Everything that happens, Nationwide says that they are not going to pay– not covered by insurance.Everyone should cancel their policy and find another company who is for the customer!

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