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The Buzz Blog Post: Is iPad a Kindle killer

Technocrats, Apple aficionados, and the rest of Silicon greekdom continue to bask in the glow of the latest toy to come out of the Steve Jobs universe.
The 9-by-7 inch, 1.5 pound, multi-touch screen “iPad” was unveiled in San Francisco on Wednesday to a boisterous crowd of technology journalists. While millions worldwide tuned in for live streaming of the press conference or micro-blog updates via Twitter, Jobs, like a proud papa, made his most audacious sales pitch to date.
The iPad is simply the best of both the ragingly successful iPod product and Apple’s equally efficient line of laptops. iPad users can use it for everything from Internet browsing and email to photos and video to iTunes and maps. “(iPad) is way better than a laptop, way better than a smartphone,”
It’s everything the iPod does and most of the what the iPhone does, except make phone calls of course. And with access to Apple’s 140,000 “apps”, you won’t have time to make a phone call. Waiting in line at the DMV just got more fun.
While this blogger, is still figuring out the point of using iPad for YouTube clips or movies when he could just as easily watch them on his giant flat panel, it’s plain to see that e-reading will be one market that iPad will have no trouble cornering.
iPad’s main competition is the Kindle. The device that was designed and released by Amazon.com in 2007, introduced its “DX” version last May. The Kindle DX when it debuted retailed at $489. The iPad will start at $499 when it hits Apple’s 294 retail outlets this summer. So for an extra ten bucks, iPad users not only get to browse through hundreds of apps or look at satellite maps from all over the world, they will actually be able to read using iBooks. Not to be confused with Apple’s discontinued laptop, the iBooks app is fully integrated with the new iBookstore and will boast downloadable titles from at least five of the world’s largest publishing houses. Let the e-reader war begin…

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