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Transportation system handles 12.5B tons

WASHINGTON — Final estimates from the 2007 Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) released by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau, show that the nation’s freight transportation system transported 12.5 billion tons of raw material and finished goods, valued at $11.7 trillion, accounting for nearly 3.3 trillion ton-miles during 2007.

Trucking is the most dominant mode of transportation accounting for 71 percent of the value, 70 percent of the tonnage and 40 percent of the ton-miles of the nation’s total freight shipment according to the 2007 CFS.

Shipments by rail accounted for over 1.9 billion tons of goods and 15 percent of the total 2007 CFS tonnage, valued at nearly $436.4 billion. The rail mode was used to move goods about 1.3 trillion ton-miles totaling 40 percent of all ton-miles.

Water shipments of freight totaled about $115 billion in goods, 404 million tons and nearly 157 billion ton-miles.

In terms of commodities, electronics and electrical and office equipment were the top categories of commodity measured by shipment value totaling $1 trillion worth of goods. Gravel and crushed stone were the top commodities by weight at 2 billion tons. Coal was the top commodity by ton-miles in 2007 accounting for 836 billion ton-miles.

For the first time in the Commodity Flow Survey series, the 2007 data tables now depict goods movement by industry. Shipments by manufacturing industries amounted to $5.2 trillion, or 45 percent of the total value of goods, and 4.8 billion tons, or 35 percent of all tonnage. Wholesale industries accounted for 41 percent of the total value, $4.7 trillion, and 29 percent of the total weight and nearly 3.6 billion tons.

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