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AGT lands Excellence Award from Stennis

HANCOCK COUNTY — Applied Geo Technologies (AGT) is the recipient of a John C. Stennis Space Center Contractor Excellence Award.

AGT, who first began work at Stennis Space Center in 2004, was selected for excellence in its work related to the Center’s laboratory services, including becoming the first resident agency at Stennis Space Center to receive the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program “Star” status for safety implementations.

AGT developed a quality built in approach to work performed at the Stennis labs, from process control to management oversight, as an attempt to reduce the potential of quality and/or performance problems at all levels. This approach has resulted in reduced human error, high scores for technical performance and timeliness, zero cost overruns, and an excellent safety record.

Recognition through the Stennis Space Center Contractor Excellence Awards automatically qualifies AGT for consideration to receive the prestigious George M. Low Award, NASA’s highest honor for a space contractor.

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